The Art of the Showstopper


I believe wholeheartedly in practicing the art of the showstopper. What’s the showstopper, you might be asking? I think everything in life, design-wise, should have a showstopping element. Something that makes your jaw drop and your heart start to pound. The thing that really wows you.  Every room should have a showstopping element, in my opinion, and I think every outfit should too!  So I thought I’d start a little column about the art of the showstopper, highlighting some of my favorites for home decor and fashion.

These Kate Spade Corinne glitter heels are total showstoppers. Perfect for everything from a cocktail dress to dressed-up casual with jeans for a night out, these are the thing that will tip your ensemble from just ok to all-out fabulous.  ::swoon::

with love,

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