Press: 20 Something Magazine

A few weeks back on Fashions’ Night Out, I had the fun of meeting up with the 20 Something Magazine girls. We chitchatted for awhile and they were so kind to compliment my stuff.  And then I was floored when they asked me if I would like to be in their magazine. Well, sure!

“Is it ok if I’m not still a 20 something?” is what first came to mind.

But yes, it was ok, and so they invited me to come back to the Makeup Bar to have my hair and makeup done, which led me to feeling like a total movie star.  Guys, I even had the most fabulous fringey false eyelashes that made me look just like those L’Oreal commercials for mascara. It was fabulous. I spent the rest of the day running errands looking oh-so glamorous as I did unglamorous things like going to the post office. Or running to FedEx. I’m seriously thinking every day should feel as fabulous as that day did.

Additionally, they were also styling models for a shoot inspired by Dia de los Muertos that day  — check out the amazing makeup that the Makeup Bar did (below). Those girls were jaw-droppingly stunning. I’m still trying to figure out how to make my hair as big and curly as that.

You can view the entire issue — and my interview! — by clicking here.

Thank you for including me, Twenty Something!!