Jude goes to art school

A few months back, Jude was ever so kindly invited by the Edmond Fine Arts Institute to take one of their 6-week long classes.  I was so happy that they contacted us as  outside of church and school, we haven’t gotten involved in too many extracurricular activities, so I was excited to try something so fun and hands-on. Not being terribly familiar with the FAI previously, I was bowled over when we walked into the building for his first session. A beautiful facility full of light and curving around a center courtyard, it felt like such a happy place to be.  The main hallway operates as a gallery space, and while we were there, it hosted a variety of colorful  Bert Seabourn paintings (who also teaches a few classes there too).

The Fine Arts Institute is a non-profit community arts organization and it has a fantastic location in cute little downtown Edmond in what seems to be a relatively new-construction building with several classrooms. They offer art, drama, and other classes not only to little kids but all the way up to adults too. I chose to go with the little artists class for Jude – that meant that he’d get to do a variety of hands-on projects from painting to print making and even a little bit of pottery too.  .

On the first day of class, feeling a bit (uncharacteristically) shy, Jude hesitated at the door until his darling teacher Jillian came to meet him and lead him gently to his little chair. The class was full of every kind of art supply imagineable.  By the end, he was begging to come back.  A happy six weeks passed by all too quickly and so I signed him up for another session.  Jude came away with a great variety of projects that he was so proud of. I can’t wait to see what he comes home with from this next session – spooky sculptures is the theme.

I cannot speak highly enough of the FAI. I am so inspired by what they’ve got going on and all of the programs that they offer. I’m finding that I love to support local organizations that are encouraging the arts – and not just stopping at childhood education, either.

Thank you to Janet and the entire staff of the Edmond Fine Arts Institute for having us this fall! I can’t say enough good things about you guys!

Edmond Fine Arts Institute // Facebook
27 E Edwards St, Edmond, OK‎ 73083
(405) 340-4481