Pencil Shavings Studio & The Limited: LAUNCHED!

There’s been a handful of times in my life when I can remember feeling on top of the world and where I couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe even a happy dance or two occurring in public places. They are as follows, in chronological order:

  • Getting my driver’s license
  • Getting accepted to Pepperdine
  • Getting into the VisComm program at OU
  • Dating Simon
  • Marrying Simon
  • Getting pregnant & having Jude
  • Seeing my stuff in The Limited

Yesterday, that last one happened! And I’m still grinning like a fool!

Originally we were set to launch at the end of July, which ended up being pushed back to August due to shipping issues. But it was most definitely worth the wait!  I hadn’t ever seen the final product in person; my part of the process was to design all the packaging and the templates for printing, but otherwise, it was out of my hands. So it was with, frankly, a great deal of trepidation and excitement that Simon and I went over to our OKC Limited store yesterday to check things out. I literally felt sick to my stomach. And then I caught a glimpse of them in their display and I swear to you I about died on the spot. Simon and I stood in the corner and squealed like schoolgirls. There was instagramming and texting of our families. And then we grabbed a handful and headed to the cash register where I promptly blurted out to the sales associate, “I DESIGNED THESE!”

An eyebrow raised and she looked at me. “Are you kidding me? Get outta town.”

Then because at this point I had lost all scruples and dignity, I started pulling out handfulls of my business cards and said, “SEE?! SEE?! THE LOGO! IT MATCHES THE PACKAGING!”

And this is the part where I started blubbering like a crazy lady.

The sales associate freaked. Literally. She ran to get her cell phone and get the other sales associates and they took my picture holding my cell phone cases. It was insane. And then she was all, “We’re gonna sell the heck outta these because the designer is FROM HERE!”

And at that point, I pretty much skipped on out of the store in a happy trance. There was dancing all the way to the car! Simon had to drive because I was such a mess. And then we drove around town in a total glaze, squealing about every 10 minutes.

I am so happy with the final product. We started out with 8 designs for them to sample, and they ended up going with 4 of the classic ones that I’ve done really well with.  The packaging turned out far & above my wildest dream. The paper is so deliciously satiny and the design is definitively cheerful.  The cases themselves are slightly different from my regular ones that I sell at Etsy. These are silicone and flexible, unlike the hard polycarbonate shell  versions that are the norm. If you’re familiar with the J.Crew ones, they’re pretty much the same material. Also, the insides of the 4 designs have 4 different brand statements on the inside. They’re so much fun!

Also, they’re available at all Limited stores as well as online and they’ve promised me that they’ll keep an eye out for the OKC stock so any local friends & family can grab ’em before they’re gone.

Finally, a big huge thank you to The Limited. Never in a million years would I have seen this coming, and I can’t say thank you enough for the support.  I also want to say thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me via Etsy and this blog. You guys are the best and I could not have done it without you!