Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I’m happy to say that the day passed in superb fashion thanks to my darling little family. Jude in particular was in high form as he referred to me as “Your Highness” all day long. No, really – he did! My mother spoiled us rotten earlier in the week by having 2 dozen cupcakes delivered to our house, which we promptly devoured and then split the remainder of the spoils with friends & family in the neighborhood, including Susan, Rita, and my sister.

Thirty was a great year to me, despite my initial freakout over the number. Professionally, I had the best year of my career yet. And while there was illness & struggles in our family, we weren’t defeated by it. I was telling Simon just the other day that while I am still sad that we suffered the loss of miscarriage, I wouldn’t have been able to do as much professionally this year. I looked at him and asked, “Is that a weird thing to say?”  He looked at me with eyebrows raised and said, “No, that’s called making lemonade when life gives you lemons.”

Or something to that effect. 😉

Regardless, I thank God for another amazing year and look forward to the next one.

And hoping also that Jude continues to refer to me as Your Highness. My rightful title.

Also, Future Wife of Jude? You’re welcome.


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