Feaster – the feast of Easter

Dumb title, I know.  I wish I could remember how it came up in conversation the other night, but we started cracking up at the idea of Feaster: an Easter Feaster. The Feast of Easter. I mean really, what’s a holiday without food?

I hope your Easter was fun. Ours was also a birthday celebration for my sweet mom. Everyone gathered at my sister’s house after church, and the feasting began!  Prepare for a glut feast of photos. Feaster Fotos.

Question: Are we the only ones that can’t seem to take a great family photo to save our lives? Case in point:
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What is up with that redheaded kid in the front row?

Then I caught him doing this later. Little goose.

Well, later, me and the Mister got together and shot one of just the two of us.

What can I say? We’re related to this one below, Mr. Cool.  Settin’ the example, right there.


Clearly we need to take lessons from Grandmother & Grandaddy as they take a perfect Feaster Foto photo.


All silliness aside, my sister’s house is exploding with the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen. The roses below were from her garden. The scent? Unreal.  I love her colorful bud vases.



Look at mah baybee’s bowtie! He got to come into big church with us and he was a perfect angel.



In our family, we love to crack open the confetti eggs every year. It usually turns into a bloodbath.

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Well, that’s an exaggeration.  An ex-egg-eration? HAHAHA I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK, FOLKS! Tip your waitress.






How was your Easter? Find anything in your Easter basket?