More New Light Fixtures!

Are you sick of me talking about how light fixtures are the jewelry of the home? Listen, clearly I’m a girl who loves me some jewelry so it’s only natural that I would love jewelry for the home too! Ever since we switched out the wrought iron chandy in the breakfast nook, I’ve been hot on the trail for other fixtures. I’ve been particularly fantasizing about getting rid of the  – ahem – boob lights upstairs. You know what I’m talking about – those rounded flush mount ceiling fixtures that seem to be ubiquitous in stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Searching for light fixtures online is practically my favorite thing, so when I was Craigslist-stalking the other day, and fell upon a super-cute pendant light from Pottery Barn Kids, I practically squealed with delight. I emailed the seller and went on my merry way.

About an hour later, my cousin’s cutie pie wife called. “I see you’re interested in the light fixture I’m selling on Craigslist!” “WHAT?!”  So there you have it. It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. We cracked up about what a small world it is and she graciously gave it to me for free.

So now I present to you the before (boob light – ugh) and the after (fabulous pendant!).

I’m also happy to report that I installed the cute thing all by myself after asking my engineer brother if I would (a) burn the house down or (b) electrocute myself in the process. After he reassured me that I’d avoid either unfortunate demise, I buckled down and got busy with the screwdriver. I’m not going to tell you that it was super easy by myself. There might have been lots of grunting and mumbling under my breath. And of course, whenever you do DIY stuff, you’re bound to run into weird things in your house. Such as the giant square hole that was cut into the ceiling underneath (erm, above?) the original light fixture. As I unhooked it all, giant fluffy clouds of insulation rained down on me and hung precariously until I got the rounded molding put back up. UGH.

That night as Jude went to bed, I prayed, “Dear Lord, please don’t let the light fall down on the baby in the night.”




Speaking of the precious angel, I’ve been debating whether or not to tell this particular story because it’s kinda gross. But now that enough time has passed, I think I can tell it because I know someday I will laugh. The key word here is someday.

A few weeks ago, Jude had been sick, so I had the humidifier out by his little bed. As I would make his bed, I noticed that the rug was a little damp. Hmm, I must be turning the humidifier up too high. So I’d just lay a towel down in front of the humidifier. As the week went on, Jude improved and the humidifier was no longer needed. And yet the rug seemed, well, kinda damp still. Hmm. Finally one afternoon I was putting Jude down for a nap and I stepped barefoot on the rug. It was definitely wet. A terrible thought occurred to me.

“Jude, why is this rug wet?”

His eyes got big. REALLY big. And I saw him visibly sink into the bed and huddle under the sheets a bit more. “Because I go peepee on it,” he almost whispers.

I feel my eyes pop out of my head. I swear, literally pop “WHAAAAAAAAT?!”

Internet, the child had been getting up out of bed in the night and peeing on the rug as if he were a puppy on a fire hydrant. FOR FUN. BECAUSE HE COULD.

::sigh::  It has taken me several weeks and a good rug cleansing to get over it.

We don’t need a puppy. WE HAVE A JUDE.

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