Conga Dancing, Honey-Coated French Fries, & iPad News

There are simply not enough hours in my days it seems. We had a crazy weekend full of concerts (TWO! In one weekend!) and food. I might have also snuck away to see the Hunger Games on Friday afternoon, too. Saturday night was the Pink Martini concert here in OKC.  A delightful mix of bossa nova, classical music and international  numbers (think 1960s Paris), it sentimentally transported me back to my study abroad days in France when I was listening to their CD on repeat on my ever-so-clunky Sony Discman– don’t judge – I know you had one too — and sobbing into my citron presse at a sidewalk cafe over my unrequited love for Simon while I wrote nonsense in a journal. Yes – I WAS THAT GIRL.  I was also wearing a hot pink cloche hat that I purchased from Galeries Lafayette.

For the record –  No one wears hot pink in Paris. Except blonde tourists from Oklahoma.  ::sigh::

But I digress – it was a marvelous, glorious concert and now I have their albums playing on constant repeat on my not-so-clunky iPhone. OH! And at the end of the concert, they invited the audience to do the conga during their big encore. It was ridiculously fantastic.

Because we were child-free and with our good friends Michael & Kim, it was time to hit the town. Somehow it got to be midnight and we were starving, after several failed attempts to sit out on a patio and enjoy the amazing weather. Michael & Kim are the ultimate foodies. They know all the good places and suddenly Michael says, “We need Bobo’s.”  Apparently Simon & I are the last people in OKC to know about Bobo’s, a food truck that is in the GHETTO – and I mean scary ghetto – that is only open from midnight to 4a.m. They serve fried chicken, catfish, and french fries coated in honey. Kim and I sat in the car and surreptitiously watched the guys wait in line. We zipped outta there and took the food back to their house. HOLY FRIED CHICKEN BATMAN. There was a reason the line was 40 people deep!  However, I had a total food and conga dancing hangover the next day as we did not get in until 2am. I cannot remember the last time I saw 2am, Internet. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with changing diapers and feeding the baby. When he was a baby. Which was, oh, 4 years ago. ::sob::

All right then, enough of our antics; I know you’re here for iPad case news and I have it for you.

First of all, our iPad 2 case is also compatible with the new iPad. Which I guess we’re just calling “The New iPad.”  Not iPad 3. Completely confusing, is it not? But yes – if you have a new iPad and you’ve been waiting on our announcement, there it is. It will fit in the molded mounting system.

Secondly —

I am happy to announce that the iPad 1 cases are up & live at the shop! Hooray!

I’m a little bit conflicted about how to go about listing these as they do differ somewhat significantly from our iPad in the way the iPads mount into the case itself, so I’ve created a single listing for all iPad 1 orders. When you order, you must tell us in the “notes to seller” box at checkout which pattern you’d prefer from the ones you see available on the other listings. Confusing? Kind of. I wish there was a better way to go about it on Etsy, like dropdown menus. But as it is, I think this is the easiest way.

I’ve created this handy dandy comparison chart so you can check out the differences between the two different cases:

Got questions? Feel free to ask them here, but definitely check out the listing for photos and other details.

Finally, check out some of the new patterns I’ve listed, including the perkiest polka dot you ever did see, sweetly savvy Rothko Monos, and the gingham collection.

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