Closet Makeover: Part 1

You know, typically I like to avoid airing my dirty laundry on the blog. I really do. But today, I’m breaking that rule as I present to you a Pencil Shavings Studio Production:

Cue the dramatic pounding music in the background.

Can I tell you something, Internets? You probably already know this, but I love clothes. I mean, I LOVE clothes. I always have and always will. And I married a man who also loves clothes. Except he’s a little – okay, a LOT – better than I am at restraining himself at purchasing clothes. So here’s what happens: I see some lovely article of clothing in a store and I whisper to it, “Hello my darling. Come with me to the casbahhhh.”  Ok, really, it’s not like that because that is creepy. It’s more like the resounding slap of my debit card on the counter and a gleeful hippity hop out the door.

But once those clothes come to live at our house, the honeymoon is over. They do not live happy lives at our house. Laundry is the thorn in my side and thus, the quality of life in our closet is, well, very low.  I blame this on my creative streak. No structure! Only freedom!  Except … I work from home. And that means I stare in misery at the piles of laundry begging to be folded when I should be working. Plus I married a man who worked at the Gap for 8 years. Internet, that means 8 years of folding clothes for a LIVING.

This is where The Riley Group comes in. Valerie Riley emailed me a few months ago to discuss their concierge & lifestyle management services. In short, they provide personal assistant services; in a lot of ways, the sky’s the limit in what they can do for you. Anything from running errands to having your car serviced – or even, in my case, home organization.  When Valerie & I met for coffee, I told her how our closet is a total Hiroshima of cotton, denim, and silk. Bingo! The Riley Group to our rescue!

On Tuesday, my very own Riley Group personal assistant (Lauren! Such a doll!) came over to assess the situation. Can I tell you that I was more than a little apprehensive about this? Frankly, I really like looking like I have my act together. So inviting someone into the worst mess ever in my house is, well, not exactly putting my best foot forward.

But! I needn’t have worried. Lauren is a total professional and she was unfazed at my shame evident lack of organization. She got right to work and after discussing our needs (more storage space, less clothes, overall cleanliness), she clearly defined a plan of action which we’ll discuss in greater depth next week.

In short, it was closet therapy.

I’m not going to show you the final reveal as we are working today on the finishing touches, but I wanted to at least give you a good idea of where we were “before.” Because really, who doesn’t love a makeover?





AND! The good news? I’m passing along some of the best stuff to you. I’ve created a shopping site where you can snag some of my gently worn stuff, including Tory Burch Revas (update: SOLD already!), Prada sneakers, Coach espadrilles (two pairs!), and more. I’m happy to waive the shipping fee for locals who want to pick up their items w/ code okcnoship.