Pencil Shavings Studio: New Designs for Spring

Spring is in the air and I’m proud to announce a few new designs that have been added to the shop!  Click on the photos for direct links to the listings.

Continuing in our vein of customization, allow me to introduce the Rothko Monos. Inspired by bold and unusual color combinations, each case is fully customizable by choosing any 3 of our offered colors and the initial of your choice. It’s a totally new spin on the classic & traditionally preppy idea of a monogram.


Up next is our whimsical & cheerful Mermaid Lagoon series. I love how these turned out. I’m in love with the contrasting colors and delightful scallop pattern.


And finally, a gorgeous pattern I’ve been holding onto for a few months now. Inspired by exotic tiles and detailed stucco work, there isn’t a color combination that this doesn’t look amazing in.


I’m also happy to announce the arrival of our Tough upgrade.  While customers tend to love how slim and streamlined our regular cases are, there’s lots of others who have been asking for added protection for their phones. I get it – I’m a mom whose little boy loves to play games and watch Netflix on my iPhone, so added protection to the front screen is definitely a welcome addition to my lineup.  The Tough upgrade is only for new orders; you cannot add it to existing iPhone covers. When you choose to upgrade your new iPhone case, it includes a silicone lining that hugs your iPhone as well as the polycarbonate outer shell with the design printed on it. Click on the listing below to see detailed photographs of what the Tough case looks like.


Here in the next week I’ll also be adding brand-new melamine collections, so keep an eye out! I can’t wait to show you how they turned out!