Night out in Norman


Last night, we took a little trip down to Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, where Simon and I graduated. It’s funny how things change. By the time we had graduated, both of us could not wait to get out of there. It was time to move onto something bigger, something better.  But now time has passed (holy cow, time has really REALLY passed) and we’re all nostalgic for how wonderful our time was there. And it really was. Bike rides all over campus, late nights eating cheese fries in the Union, throwing xacto knives across the VisComm room onto the cork wall (yes – we really did that) as we were playing darts. It was good times.



I like to see how Campus Corner has evolved in the (gulp) 7 years since we’ve lived there. One of my favorite new (to me) little places is the Crimson & Whipped Cream bakery. I love the play on OU’s fabled colors. And the baked goods are pretty delightful, too!  Pumpkin whoopie pies, anyone?



I’m kinda obsessed with their mason jar light fixtures.








We got to have supper w/ Uncle Braden and Mimi at Pepe Delgado’s – the gold standard for any Mexican food in my book (NOT that TexMex junk everyone seems to like around here!).



A boy and his beloved Mimi. Aren’t they sweet?



As we left, we just cracked up at this crazy bike sitting outside the bakery. This is quirky Norman at its finest.


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