Design Classic: HBC Point Blanket

As a college student visiting Vancouver w/ my family one summer, I happened into the Hudson’s Bay Company, the big department store there in town. The design student in me was attracted to their bold stripes (of course) and their mainstay, the HBC Point blanket.  They’ve made a resurgence in home design lately as it seems I see them popping up everywhere. They’re made of 100% wool and come in a variety of colorways, but their iconic stripe seems to be the most popular. It’s campy, sure – but I think that it could really make a statement in the right type of room.

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In the US, you can purchase HBC blankets from LL Bean and Woolrich (the largest selection of colorways). Pendleton also makes a knockoff at a somewhat substantial discount. These blankets for sure aren’t cheap, but they’re meant to last a lifetime or two. I really enjoyed reading up on the history (nerd alert) of them; HBC even did a line of coats that you can find on eBay!

Listing here

Listing here


If you’re interested in these, definitely peruse eBay as there was a pretty broad selection. Some are in better condition than others, but the savings are substantial.

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