One Top, Three Outfits

I really like fashion blogs. And I like seeing how other people put outfits together on real bodies. Real women. But can I be honest? As much as I like checking out what other girls are wearing (and subsequently thinking “oh, I could do a blog post about that”)  I feel vaguely silly and narcissistic when I do blog about it. Like I’ll be viewed as … shallow. Or silly.  Does that make sense?  BUT, this is my blog and I do really enjoy fashion, so I feel like it’s a natural fit with my blogging corner.  Design, fashion, and what I wear as a mom.

Readers, do you enjoy seeing stuff like this? You can be honest.  Because I feel a little unsure.  And so far my self portrait-taking abilities are not up to my own personal (albeit high) standard. Have you ever tried to take a decent full-body length photo of yourself? OUCH. Hello, reconsidering that tray of brownies last night.

Anyway. I digress.  On to the clothes.

I picked up this soft grey peasant top at Loft a few weeks ago.  I was attracted to it because it was the mom-friendly  (as well as budget-friendly) version of my favorite peasant top from Tucker.  Tucker’s silk tops are fab fab fab, but my life right now just doesn’t allow for me to wear silk every day (ha).  So if it’s cotton and I can throw it in the washing machine because it’s got sticky peanut butter fingerprints on it, all the better. And if I can dress it up or down at will, it’s a solid win.  Plus, I’m also kind of a uniform girl: if I love something, I could wear it for days on end.  Again, not the best thing for silk.

The Tucker version (in a gorgeous pattern – they are color masters!):  $276

Tucker The Blouse | Piperlime

The LOFT version: $34.50 (but I got mine at 25% off — they ALWAYS have a sale!)

Drapey Smocked Shirt: Women's Blouses & Tops: LOFT
Not totally the same, I know.  But I think there is such potential for this look and I wanted to show how I’d work this top in the same way I’d wear the Tucker version in three different scenarios.


No. 1: Dressy Casual – church or dinner out with Simon

necklace: J.Crew
Skirt: grey tiered Anthropologie skirt from last summer
Shoes: (sorry, you can’t see ’em – but they’re black suede wedges)

No. 2: Grocery store, errands, lunch with girlfriends

Skinny straight-leg jeans (not all the way “true” skinnies – all the better to suit my curvy hips & be-hind): Joes Jeans
Shoes: Tory Burch yellow flats (see a similar Gap style here)

No. 3:  Client Meeting

Necklace: bubble necklace from Anthropologie (on sale)
Skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for Target navy boucle skirt (also cute w/ a big wide belt)
Shoes: mustard yellow patent leather Kate Spade karolina heels

What are your favorite go-to items that can swing dressy or casual?

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