Just checked the mail

And look what I found in my mailbox!

It was a nice little envelope addressed to me from Chirps & Cheers w/ one of those awesome stamps from Paperwink.  I’ve gotten to know Susan, the owner of Chirps & Cheers and I really enjoy seeing her business blossom. If you’re in the OKC area, you must go to her shop. If I were to ever have a paper shop, I’d want it to be just like hers. Full of Russell+Hazel binders, awesome japanese masking tapes (as seen in the tag above), and all manner of paper goods, it’s just like a candy store for paper-philes.

Inside of my envelope was this Oklahoma edition of Field Notes!  I mean, wow – it really did touch me that she’d send me such an awesome little goodie!  This is part of the reason why I love the blogging community. I really enjoy getting to know people via Twitter & this blog, and then when it translates over into real-life community, it’s even better.  So thank you, Susan – you really made my day.

You know what else makes my day?  My husband giving me gorgeous flowers from Dulaney’s. I don’t know how they manage to make such gorgeous arrangements, but they are always stunning. Thank you, honey!