Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s, everyone!

We have a whole new perspective on hearts this Valentine’s Day. The weekend was a blur. Early Saturday morning, Mom called and said that they had taken Dad to the hospital in the middle of the night because he thought he might be having a small heart attack. No stranger to heart issues, Dad wanted to be extra cautious, so off to Baptist they went. He was quickly admitted and seen by one of the cardiologists and an angiogram was ordered.

When the cardiologist let everyone know that not only was Dad’s heart looking well younger than his years, but that he wouldn’t probably ever need another angiogram ever again, we all heaved a monumental sigh of relief. I felt my tense body relax. It’s scary to see your dad not feeling up to snuff. What a relief to know that everything was looking good!

So yesterday after church, Simon and I took my (exhausted) parents home from the hospital and they crashed. Dad’s resting – as is my Mom – and there’s some adjusting to medications, etc. that will be taking place.

Valentine’s here is pretty mellow, but I’m grateful because it’s better than the excitement of the hospital. I got to reward my little boy today with the Legos he’s wanted for quite some time because (I think) I can now proudly say that he is officially potty trained. In early January, I promised Jude that if he would be a big boy and get rid of the little baby diapers and only go peepee and poopoo in the potty, he could have the Legos he wanted. So the kid’s been really good and really patient to work hard and get his reward.

I hope you all have a great day!