I hope you’ve had a marvelous weekend! The temperatures are falling here and I really wish it would snow. I don’t think that’s on the radar anytime soon but I guess I can dream.

On Saturday I got to host a Stella + Dot party here at the house for my friend Rachelle, of Pink Candy Party & Thomas the Train fame. I’m so happy for her – she’s really loving her new business and she’s got a lot of cute stuff. I’d heard a lot about S+D in magazines and various blogs, but hadn’t ever gotten to see it in person.

So I definitely had a difficult time picking out what to buy because everything is so stinkin’ cute. The quality is excellent and there’s a variety of price points.  A lot of it reminds me of J.Crew’s jewelry — apparently one of the designers previously worked for Marc Jacobs and Cartier.

I snapped this one up – I love it. It’s the perfect long necklace but it’s so lightweight. I’m always leaning over to pick up Jude or talk to kiddos at BSF, and smacking them in the head w/ my long heavy necklaces. The signature clover necklace is the perfect answer to this problem.

Check this out – have you ever seen such chic little girls’ jewelry? And the price is so excellent – on sale for $19. Even the original price at $26 wasn’t crazy. It’s a beautiful piece – I really wanted to get this one too! It’s not too kiddie – definitely a piece that would grow up with a little girl.

Oh, back to the adult stuff – the clover bracelet!!! Love!

These bracelets caught my eye. They’re similar to ones by Tory Burch, but at a fraction of the cost. And the quality? Identical.

This is the most expensive piece that S+D offer, but it’s so amazing. Those enamel flowers are stunning.

Finally, another fave – it’s a mix of gold and silver with blue thread running throughout. You could wear this layered with either metals and look incredible. And also could be dressy or casual.

Hop on over to Stella + Dot and check out all the cute stuff. Everything ships amazingly fast – you could have it at your doorstep by the middle of the week!  There’s some good sale pieces, too.