Pretty Little Gemstone Rings

I’ve been pinning photos of pretty gemstones lately, and noticed a trend amongst all my favorites of brilliant gems w/ tumbled metals and delicate details. I had ordered this pretty Stella+Dot ring from the trunkshow I threw, and have been happily wearing it.

This is definitely a trend that can be seen at a variety of pricepoint. The Stella & Dot one pictured above is one of the least expensive, but I’ve seen even real diamonds featured in some of these. Check out some of these pretties.

Carnelian – such a pretty red color.

The color in this one-of-a-kind ring is stunning.

Summery coral

This is such an unusual shape; I really love it.

Even better (from the same designer) stacked with other rings!

But the rough-hewn trend has found its way to other pieces, too, like these Juicy Couture earrings

Or these Anthropologie earrings

Erin Wasson earrings

Love them? Check out the sources here at my Pinterest.