More Christmas Inspiration

Ready for some more Christmas decorating inspiration?! Because I’ve got it for you right here. I’ve been collecting images for a few weeks now; all sources can be viewed at my Christmas Pinterest collection.

This chandelier is just too cheerful!

From Martha Stewart – an easy way to recycle old holiday cards. Isn’t that a good idea? I never know what to do with old Christmas cards.

I keep meaning to make these classic chains. I have tons of little bits of leftover ribbon. I did make this project using multicolored pipe cleaners this weekend and it turned out so so cute. Photos later.

I like this countdown calendar because you could use it all year long for various events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Pretty little felt Christmas tree.


I do not have a tree topper. This is terrible. We’ve been married for 5 years and every year, the top of our tree is bare. I wish that somewhere, somehow, I could have this delightful giant pompom topper. So so cute.

The other thing we have yet to purchase is stockings. These polka dot ones are so whimsical, and I adore the giant felt ball trim.

More wreath lovelies.

Cute scalloped tree skirt. I noticed tonight at Target that you can get a basic red or green felt skirt for $5(!). This would be so simple to DIY.

These might be my favorite stockings. They’re just whimsical enough but they’re also simple so that way they could easily go with any variety of Christmas decor that you might choose. I like to switch things up too often, so I need the pricier stuff like stockings to be versatile.

And finally, little pretty pipe cleaner trees.

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you decorated yet?

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