Gift Guide: For the glamour techie

Sometimes it’s hard to find cute stuff for your electronic equipment that just doesn’t look like everybody else’s. I want something that’s different than the rest of the crowd and expresses a little personality! So I pulled together this gift guide for you guys.

Awesome Pantone cases for your iPad and iPhone (via DesignCrush‘s twitter feed and Cool Hunting)

These iPad cases from Dooney & Bourke are my absolute faves. They come in a variety of colors, and the quality is great. One of the best that I’ve seen that does a good job of not looking too techie.

Bollywood iPad Cover at Cambria Cove.

Did anyone know that Michael Kors does iPhone and iPad accessories? Fun in patent leather.

While I don’t have a Nook (I’m an iPad girl, myself), I do think that Barnes & Noble’s Nook reader has cornered the market on awesome covers. Every time I walk into B&N, I stop to look at them. Apple, you need to take note!

Jonathan Adler’s Nook cover

Jack Spade’s cute Nook cover, too.

Speaking of Spades, look at these darling iPhone covers from Kate Spade.

Green for the 4G, and red for the 3G. If anybody (cough cough) wants to send this to me for Christmas, I will gladly accept. 🙂

I’m also a big fan of BuiltNY’s products. Their neoprene cases are the perfect buffer for when you’re toting your tech gear around.

Their patterns are awesome. Here’s a cute Kindle cover.

Etsy has some fun handmade stuff too, like this Kindle cover in a pretty raspberry Joel Dewberry print.

Again with the cute Nook covers! Gahh! Love this one from Etsy seller Rogue Theory.

But wait – again, Etsy to the rescue with such an original and unusual iPad case. Grey felt owl by seller BoutiqueID.

Ok, that wraps it up! Happy shopping!