Shoes as Art?

When it comes to design, I can’t just choose form over function. Or function over form. Why can’t it be both? Can a functional, practical necessity be beautiful, too?

That’s why I was really drawn to this image. I smacked my own forehead – DUH! Maybe I really would be excited about putting my shoes away neatly and all orderly if they were in a beautiful glass-front cabinet?

Now I’m going to have to keep an eye out at estate sales or thrift shops for something like this. A lot of magazines suggest storing your shoes in their original boxes, but that just doesn’t cut it for me. I need to see what I’ve got. Sometimes an entire outfit can be made more exciting by a pair of shoes left ¬†forgotten in the back of the closet, right?

Even Ikea offers a reasonable solution. The beauty of the cabinet pictured above is that the height is just perfect for the shoes. Sometimes those tiny square shoe cubbies just don’t offer enough space, you know?

This one (from Ikea also) might be a wee bit tall. I dunno, maybe you have that many shoes to fill it?

I’m dying to know – how do you store your shoes?