Fall Style Inspiration

I really enjoy picking magazines apart and putting up images that inspire me. Now that so many magazines and their images are online, it makes this so much easier to organize.

I think this process should be nearly thoughtless: rip out whatever it is that moves you. Eventually, you begin to notice patterns. And then that’s what helps you organize your thoughts on whatever it is you want to be inspired by, whether it be fashion, interiors, color, typography, etc.

I’ve been virtually clipping inspiration on Flickr and on Pinterest for awhile, now, and thought I’d share some of my fall style inspiration photos. I’m amazed at how much I was looking forward to colder weather this year. I have never been much of a fall/winter person, but I feel like I’m finally in my groove, like I’m actually looking forward to fall fashion this year.

I’m surprised that I like the full skirt-with-boots look as much as I do. I really want to recreate this. I love me a full skirt!

I also really love a strong eyebrow right now, too. Everything is so girly, so polished.

And Gwyneth Paltrow will always be one of my style icons.

A Polyvore of some pretty things for fall. FYI, try on the Pixie pant at J.Crew if you haven’t already. It is my new favorite – the feeling of a legging, but heavy enough in the fabric that it fits more like a pant. It’s deliciously soft and comfy.

What are your style favorites this fall?

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