Central Park Saturday

Quick edit: sorry if you came by and the photos weren’t working. Sometimes lately I really hate Flickr. Grrrrr.

In the last few hours before we boarded the plane to fly home, we took a delightful stroll through Central Park. We had wandered up through the Upper East Side in search of bagels, and after a quick breakfast, walked over past the Metropolitan Museum of Art and down into the park. I can’t decide which is my favorite season in NYC: autumn or spring. It was just so gloriously beautiful on Saturday afternoon, all crisp and bright with the sun shining down. And especially after the rain a day or so prior – a drenching, sad, awful rain.

The stillness of the park is such a contrast to the buildings that line it.

I loved all these tall trees. It was reminiscent of Versailles, but long ago before that huge storm wiped out so many of the old tall trees there.

Awww, aren’t we cute?

I think this next photo was my all-time favorite shot of the entire trip. I LOVE it. The color, the tree, everything. It was just so absolutely beautiful.

But as we spent our days in Manhattan, all we could think about was our little boy, who would have delighted at every turn to see the great tall buildings, and to ride on subway trains.  I can’t wait to take him back with us someday. It’ll be marvelous!