Zee Weekend

Y’all. I married the right man. That Simon Shingleton, I tell ya. It’s been a crazy few weeks workwise, and we need to get away. So he found us a surprise last-minute deal and is whisking (wheee) me away to Las Vegas this very same weekend.  Happy birthday indeed!

For us, Vegas is a 3-4 day kind of town. After that, we’ve had enough clang clang clang of the smoky casino and we’re ready to head home.  Vegas is more fun than a cruise; it’s got better food, better shopping, bigger bathrooms in the hotel room, and there’s no seasickness! Bonus!

So my darlings, while I am gone with my honey to get romantic, eat, and window-shop myself silly, get excited about the amazing things I have coming your way next week, including a fantastic giveaway and the big reveal of Pencil Shavings Studio’s new blog look.

Check out these links as we head into the weekend (as I woefully didn’t pull together a #FF in time for today)…

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