LA Excursions

Apologies if the photos I posted yesterday were not appearing. What’s up w/ that, Flickr, I ask you?

Jude at Pepperdine (go Waves!)
at Pepperdine

“Who’s dat man?” (also at Pepperdine)

The Rock at Pepp. It’s tradition for it to be painted by various campus groups to announce special events or the like. I swear it has 3000 layers of paint on it. I have fond memories of staying up late to paint it w/ my sorority sisters. It was only the size of a baseball when I was there.

No, just kidding.
The Rock @ Pepperdine

Ridin’ the trolley at the Grove.
Grove Trolley
Trolley @ Grove

We really liked visiting various farmers’ markets. Theirs definitely were superior to ours here. We’ve got a ways to go here, but I think we’re getting better.
farmers market santa monica

Cool comfy cushions at Splendid on Robertson Blvd


Me w/ my folks. Sunburnt me. Tired me. This is one of the only photographic proofs that I was actually on this trip. Ha! And I should’ve worn eyeliner.

And sunscreen.

This is us after a particularly rough moment in parenting. Read: me in tears, Jude in tears, everybody upset. Mom reassured me that I acted up in front of my grandmother too. Is there anything worse than having an audience for disciplining your child?
Exhausted Parents.

We had to go to Milk to have blue velvet cakes (and red velvet cupcakes).

This photo cracks me up for 2 reasons:
1. Because my dad’s expression mirrors what we were all thinking: “Simon, why are you eating espresso-laced ice cream at this hour of the night?
2. Because Buzz Lightyear: The Giant Sippy Cup was there front & center to guard over us at the table. He came with us EVERYWHERE after we went to Disneyland.
Simon, why are you eating espresso ice cream @ this hour?

Simon was so amped up after this, he went for a jog at 10 at night.

Men at the Getty. Simon looks skinny here. Must’ve been that 10 o’clock jog the night before. Maybe I need to be jogging at 10pm instead of my usual 9.

“Dat’s my Dan-Dan!” (Jude calls my dad “Dan Dan”)
Dats my Dan-Dan!

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