Ballard Designs – a good sale!

Ballard Designs seems to only be getting better with time. I’m really loving a lot of the things they come out with and their pricing is so reasonable.

And of course, it only gets more reasonable when they have a big sale! I ordered a pair of drapes for our living room yesterday and there were plenty of other pretty pieces that caught my eye.

Milk glass candlesticks – a steal at $39.99 for five of them.

Nailhead mirror – originally $200 which wasn’t crazy but now it’s $99

I positively adore the Quatrefoil Mirror. I am not loving the wood choices, so I’d probably end up painting them. As a set of 4, they would be oh-so dramatic.

Meredith Sideboard – $329. An unusual, chic piece at a fraction of what it might be elsewhere.

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