I’m in love!

I think KatieDid has been around for awhile, but I just found her. I am madly in love with these adorable clothes she’s designed for her girls, Ruth and Eve (LOVE their names too).

I’m trying to imagine how I could make a grown-up skirt like this for myself. I’m imagining a lovely twill with a surprise pleat of color. Anyway, these are just too cute. They remind me of something Chrysi would make.

I love this tiny gingham print. It looks so chic.

KatieDid does a great tutorial here on how to get pretty little flowers on any collar; she designed it after creating some really amazing, yet simple, Easter dresses for her girls. Add these little flowers to a plain vneck tshirt, and voila! JCrew just might come calling!  Oh, and Say Yes to Hoboken does a lot of similar tutorials on how to make really cool ruffly collars or ribbon detailing on plain tees and cardis.

Sometimes I really hope that someday we have a girl so I can dress SOMEBODY other than myself in frills and ruffles.

Yeah. Because that’s such a valid reason to procreate. 🙂  But you know what I mean.


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