The Lone Ranger

That’s me, since Saturday – the Lone Ranger. Simon went to a Keller-Williams conference in New Orleans, and I’m holding down the fort (ugh, did NOT mean to make another Western-themed reference) with Jude. He’ll be back on Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ve been busy cleaning and working. I rearranged the living room on Saturday and have continued in my pseudo-nesting vein by purging the fridge of unnecessary (read: rotting) food. I am amazed at how bad of a job I’ve done of staying on top of the stuff in the fridge. It really was gross. Hauling the Big Blue to the street last night was definitely not fun.

Plus, you also know that organizing has taken a back seat when the cute file/bill-holder you made is discovered strewn on the ground because it just couldn’t hold one  more piece of mail to be filed and it decided to end things by throwing itself off of its wall perch. ::hangs head in shame::  Yeah. It was bad. Now it looks like it did originally when I made them (below).

In other news of the weird, I had ordered a DVD of Nanny McPhee from Amazon a few weeks ago. I’ve ordered from Amazon numerous times, never had any issues. But when it was time for this one to arrive, I received a notice from the post office, stating that I needed to provide a signature for delivery on this one, or show up at the post office to pick it up. Hmm. Weird. And so inconvenient. This has never happened before. Oh well, got the package, all was well. But we didn’t open up the actual DVD until Friday afternoon when Simon grabbed it to put in the DVD player in the car. He undid the cellophane on the package and handed it to me. I didn’t even pay attention to the disc when I put it in the player in the car. But then I thought, “Wait. Did I accidentally grab Cars??”  (Sad side note: that’s how many times we’ve watched Cars lately. I can recognize the opening previews.)  We ejected the DVD, and sure enough. It was Cars.

So basically I’m assuming that we got a bootleg DVD. The frustrating thing about Amazon is that you almost can never get an actual person to talk to/email with about your issue. They’re taking the DVD back and sending us another one, no problem, but that’s what the AmazonRobot told us. I think I really wanted to tell someone about how crazy this was.

Well, so there you have it. If I’m not as prolific this week as other times, it’s with good reason. Doing this thing on my own is a challenge!