Funny Boy

Here we are at Grandmother’s house. This is what we call the Monkey Bathroom. That’s because of all those monkeys frolicking on the wallpaper. There used to be this really cool Hollywood Regency-esque white blanc-de-chine monkey hanging up in there, but he broke a few years ago.

Hmm, Jude thinks. Look at this nifty stool.

Wait, what’s that? Water?! Awesome!

Can’t… quite … reach!!!

Ah ha! Got it! Soap!!

Look at these goofy things Mom put on my legs. This is ridiculous. I am not a baby anymore. I am gonna so wig out on her if she ever shows my friends these.

Who, me? Sweet little innocent me?

This nifty soap thing just won’t quite open up for me. Maybe I should try to bite it open…

NO NO NO! Take the soap out of your mouth!! EWWWWW!