Christmas Stockings – LOVE!

I’m really persnickety about stuff when it comes to holiday decor. I want it to be different – something chic, not cheesy. I can’t really put a finger on it, but it’s like I know it when I see it. And that’s exactly the feeling that I got when I saw these Christmas stockings by etsy darling Plum Cushion. I was reading a writeup about them over at Little Green Notebook (they’re a sponsor there), and she mentioned that they’re also making Christmas stockings. And I didn’t even have to SEE them, I knew I would love them.

And I do. I think you will too if you love fabulous fabrics as much as I do. I’m thinking that these green Imperial Trellis stockings would look a-mazing hanging on our mantel. A.MA.ZING.

She has plenty of other gorgeous fabrics to choose from. I’d hop on this and get on the bandwagon before she gets swamped for Christmas!

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