fashion fix

I can’t say that I’m just madly in love with whatever is so “in” right now. Too much ’80s influence, that sort of thing. But I do still see things that catch my eye from time to time. I save a lot of images onto my laptop in a file – one for fashion, one for graphic design, and another for interiors. Anyway, not much going on here other than work and motherhood, so why not post a little fashion eye candy?

I LOVE this girl that was posted over at the Sartorialist. It’s that red dress with her blond hair and then the turquoise accents. ¬†Love love love it. She’s a little bit Gwen Stefani, too.blogredgirl


I love both of these long maxi dresses. And Drew Barrymore looks so cute and fun with her big hair and fun jewelry.


Summer means weddings, and the dresses pictured above are from an Etsy seller (whose name I can’t remember!) that makes me think of gorgeous English garden outdoorsy weddings.

Reminiscent of Dior’s 1950s New Look, I think I will always love the shape of a full skirt and high waist. It’s just so flattering.