I think it was the post from last week about those homemade dry-erase boards over on Design*Sponge that got me going this weekend. It was like a surge of craftiness. I went to Michael’s and the sales were so good. I found some paper I had been eyeing for quite some time on sale for 50% off, and so I jumped on it. It was an Anna Griffin set of papers with a great Hollywood Regency feel to them, in some fantastic colors. So I did it.

And yes, I attempted to make one of those dry erase boards I talked about last week. And no, you can’t use Contact paper for a dry erase board. It doesn’t work. But it sure looks cute if you want a semi-permanent note about something. ::sigh:: Oh well. At least it was only on cardboard. It was a good idea. ::sigh::

So. Moving on. I had also picked up these die-cut pieces of plastic that were packaged to be some kind of plastic scrapbook or something. I don’t know – kinda weird. But they would make perfect little frames for something, I thought. And seeing as how I loooved the patterns of that AG paper, I trimmed them up and hung them in the spare bedroom.

I was so pleased with the final outcome that I decided to apply the same treatment to our mail mess disaster zone sorting area in the laundry room. I really want the whole mail situation off of the counter in there. There’s little enough counter space in the laundry room and it usually gets overwhelmed with Jude’s junk, my junk, stuff I don’t want to put away, and Simon’s humongous overnight bag briefcase. So if I can get anything up on the wall, awesome.

This was another simple dimple project. I bought a set of 3 clear hanging wall files from Office Depot for a grand total of $17. And then I simply used doublestick tape and adhered the paper to the file. Done. And then I used some little clips to attach the labels. I can switch things out at any point when/if I get bored of them. Wallpaper would work just as well!

Ok, thanks for indulging my random crafty weekend. I’m sure Simon is ready to see the Modge Podge and doublesided tape go away. And in the meantime, I’m working to get my office rearranged and organized, including all of my wrapping paper. It really is a mess.

Peace out —