Buh-Bye, Beige!

Hello, Laguna Green!

Well, that’s what I’m calling it, at least. It’s not an actual color from Sherwin-Williams — it’s right in between Rice Paddy and Hearts of Palm. So. I’m naming this color Laguna Green because it is so similar — although not exact —  to the kitchen color of the rental we had in Laguna Beach two years ago (see photo above).  

Yes, the master bedroom makeover is complete. The green has been picked, and the paint is now dry. I’m exhausted, but so so happy with it. It feels like a whole new room! It even feels bigger somehow. Paint is the unifying element; it has turned a boring beige room into a bright, beautiful haven. I am just pleased as punch.

Here’s the “before” just to remind you:

And now for the after!

Whew! It was a whirlwind day! It went a whole lot faster since I did all the prep work over the weekend. It made the painting go a whole lot quicker. I’m just so glad to have it done! Finally!

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