Better late than never – Easter 09

I know we’re already a week out (ack! it feels like it was 3 weeks ago!) but I wanted to post some of our photos from Easter. We hosted everyone over here at our house, and it was a lot of fun!

My easter eggs in the dye bath. Gotta love those little Paas cups.

I also glittered some papier mache eggs and that was super hard. The Loper boys helped me with them, and it was messy & fun.

Look at all the amazing desserts we had! Man, when we have a party, we have a party! Go big or go home.

One thing we always do is confetti eggs. A few years ago, my sister got a dozen of them from somewhere. They’re basically blown-out Easter eggs that are then filled with confetti and you can crack them on each other. The kids always think that it’s great fun. And secretly, I think the adults do too.  Jude was waaaay freaked out at this seeming act of violence. He doesn’t like too much raucousness; it makes him nervous. 

All in all, a good day. We’re having a marvelous week here thus far. The weather today was perfect. Jude and I sat outside for quite awhile while I worked on my BSF lesson. We also enjoyed lunch with my friends Julie & Christa, and Julie’s sweet little newborn Jameson. The weekend was nice, too; we’ve been working on organizing the upstairs spare bedroom and now we just need some guests to come stay!