Big Hair

At Mom and Dad’s house this weekend, I got on their computer and started uploading a bunch of old (read: since appx 1998-99) photos to my Flickr account. We cracked up at photos of the nephews and nieces as they were little in their various escapades. And then I came across a few photos from my Big Hair Era.

I took this picture as a freshman at Pepperdine in 1999 (err, actually 2000, come to think of it). It was for Simon and I’d gotten this really cute little frame and I mailed it to him back in Oklahoma. I know, I know, awwwwwww. And let’s face it – that is some BIG hair.

But not as big as this hair:
That’s my sorority composite photo from Sigma Kappa at Pepperdine. BIG hair. I mean, c’mon, it could totally be its own planet. Small woodland creatures could be thriving in there.  And I think back to what I did to get it that big . . .    ::sigh::  I keep telling Simon that when I get old, I am going to have some big hair like that again. Because when I’m old, it won’t really matter. I’ll just be that funny old lady at church with the really big hair.

Remind me to tell you sometime about Simon’s big Long Hair Era…  Actually, if you do enough perusing of my Flickr collection, you’ll probably find some of those photos!