Arts & Crafts

So I got to thinking, and I figured that I had the perfect little table and chair configuration that would be great up in the bonus room. At Ikea, I had purchased two tiny chairs for Jude to play with, and we had this Lack table (also from Ikea) from years ago. Together, they are mismatched, but serve their purpose.

He felt like such a big kid, sitting in his chair, drawing eating his crayons. He just laughed and laughed. And then he promptly fell out of the chair two seconds later trying to get out of it, poor thing. So I sat him back up and showed him how to climb in and out of the chair. A few minutes later, he walked the furthest he has ever walked before (his previous record was about 3 steps a few days prior). And since this day, he has been walking more and more and more

At Michael’s the other day, I was looking for some kind of cute bucket or something for crayons for the little table & chairs and I saw a super ugly little decoupaged pail. I thought that it was the perfect size and shape for what I wanted, but I hated the design. No bother — it was a good price, and I attached some scrapbooking paper I already had with some spray adhesive, and then Mod Podged it over to seal it. I’m happy with the results, and it’s just the right size for crayons and such. It was a very similar project to this toy bucket I made last spring Plus, Jude can carry it around and is pretty proud of himself for that too.

I’ve left our advent calendar up (a gift from my cousin George and his cutie pie wife Christie)
because Jude loves to open it up all the time and put things into the little cubbies. Sometimes I put pompoms or some of my flickr Moo mini cards in there for him to play with.  At Michael’s, I found a packet of these little fuzzy chicks and so I put all 8 of them into random cubbies for him to find. He thinks this is particularly great fun to discover which door will reveal chicks.

Inevitably, he tries to stick them in his mouth and I hear myself say, “no, no, Jude, we don’t eat chickens.” And then I think, but wait, yes we do.