Under the Weather

Apologies for my blogging absence. But big thanks to all who commented about our lovely stripes! I really appreciate it.

I’ve been under the weather for a week now with my silly ulcerative colitis. I’m working to be positive, and well, look at it this way — I really get to put my New Year’s resolutions to work. Remember? One of them was staying on top of my UC maintenance and being healthy. So, now I’m 5 pounds less than I was (the hard way, not the easy way!) and I’m still feeling iffy, but I’m sticking with it thanks to my sweet husband and family who are so supportive and helpful.

So. In times like these, when a girl’s laid up in bed, what better to do than a little online window shopping? No buying right now, but sometimes it’s just fun to look.

What about a cute shortsleeve cardigan from J.Crew? I tried this one on a few weeks ago, and it’s too cute. This minty color is my new favorite shade for spring.And to go with it, a fun, funky chartreuse-colored skirt, also from J.Crew. Or, if you’re not feeling so daring, color-wise, you can also get it in navy.I picked up a pair of cute Joe’s Jeans in the Honey style from the Funky Monkey the other day (mad sales there, btw – 75% off on a lot of stuff, both womens’ and children’s!). I’m thinking this thermal top from Splendid would be cute with them. Have you felt Splendid’s thermal fabric? It is unlike any other fabric I’ve ever felt – so light and silky. I have a couple of pieces in this particular fabric, and I can’t get enough. It is unbelievable. Check out for some good sale prices (photo from your friend & mine, Neiman Marcus)Neiman’s also has some cute DVF pieces. For instance, this little sassy red number has me all excited for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it just so fun? The ruffles just do it for me.In light of the new “it” color at the Golden Globes, this gorgeous Tracy Reese frock is so stunning, and yet so soothing at the same time. A stark contrast, bien sur, to the flashy little red DVF, but nobody, and I mean nobody, cuts a feminine figure like Tracy Reese. Check out the back on this one!Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel better now that I’ve done a little window shopping. All we need now is some springtime weather, and maybe a fresh mani/pedi!