On the radar for today

Things that we will do today:
1. Take a nap. (Jude will take his customary 2 naps per diem)
2.  Pick up 3 cousins from school.
3. Bring said 3 cousins home to our house.
4. Glitter some Christmas ornaments, make a huge mess, and have SO much fun in the process!
5. Get all dressed up in our finest Christmas duds.
6. Take Jude to his first-ever Christmas program, where he will make his debut as a Christmas present. In a box. Rolled in on a red wagon. Yeah! 

Things I need to do:
1. Finish Christmas shopping
2. Wrap Christmas presents (got the CUTEST paper!)
3. eee644r5urt88u7as dc bvrfgnn bn gbhn   5rs4ddddddddddd (oops, that was Jude.)
4. Clean the kitchen. Again. It’s never-ending.
5. Make a cleaning schedule.