Tragedy seems to strike out of nowhere. It comes and goes in a flash. It’s shocking, like a Band-aid being ripped off with no warning. 

It happened within our circle just last night and today has been a fog of phone calls, sadness, and worrying. I hurt for the families involved and for the others, like us, that it will inevitably ripple out to and touch. We will be attending a funeral this week that we hadn’t planned on, and it just breaks my heart for all involved.
But I know Who is in control. I believe that God has a plan for us, and for every person on this planet. I don’t know why he allowed this to happen, but I know that He will work good from it, even though I can’t even imagine how.
So today, I hugged my baby extra tight, and thought about how much I love my husband and my family. I can’t imagine life without them and I love them. Let your family and loved ones know how much you love them because you just never know what will happen and when tragedy might strike.