Currently Loving: Heather Bailey Fabrics

Fabric designer Heather Bailey’s blog, Hello My Name Is Heather, has long been one of my faves. Her husband Isaac is a photographer, and I was initially drawn to her blog via Flickr because of her fantastic photographs. Each photo is so bright and colorful, and her blog is too! Anyway, she designs the most amazing fabrics, and just released her latest batch. They really speak to the graphic designer in me – I’m loving the juxtaposition of unusual color schemes, as well as some vintage references. Also, she released some great sewing patterns for you seamstresses out there. I’m wondering if I’ve got enough of Home-Ec sewing still left in me to attempt the cute Happy Stacker Ring Toy (pictured above).
I can’t get enough of this fabric; it comes in several different colors, but I adore the yellow above, and this orange one below.
I’m really drawn to the green and reds of this floral pattern below. It has a little bit of art nouveau in it, but the circles still keep it fresh and whimsical.
And of course, the Francophile in me loves the Provencal reference in this fabric, below. While I’m not normally a fan of traditional Provencal fabrics, I love this one. The colors, the paisleyish design — ugh! So cute!
Of course you know I can never pass up a good stripe, and it’s only all the better if it’s a chevron. Once again, as with all of these, they come in a variety of colors. The hardest part is picking your favorite one!
Mad props to Heather Bailey. If you’ve never checked her out, get on over there. Not only is her website and blog beautifully designed, but her writing and creativity is so inspiring. I think I may have to snap up a few yards of some of these and make something!