The Nursery – finally getting pulled together

This is the beginning of the third week in our new home, and I truly love it more and more everyday. Jude and I have been enjoying strolls through the neighborhood; everyone is so friendly and it is just so beautiful here! We are on a cul-de-sac, which is also marvelous. I feel like we’ve gone to polar opposites; we used to live on an extremely busy corner, which wasn’t bad, but it sure is different now that we’re on a super-quiet, uber-private cul-de-sac. 
Anyway, I’m slowly starting to get things put away into their rightful spots. I will say, I am overcome with the beigeness of this house. I know neutrals are in, but I’m about to go nutso. It’s a pretty beige, almost buttery, and I will leave it in many places, but some rooms just need some color already.

Like Jude’s room, for example. I loved the cheery green that was in his former nursery. I’ll probably paint one room in this house that color. However, for his room this time, I want to do some light blue and navy. Nothing too baby-ish, maybe include some stripes as well. My color inspiration comes from the Matterhorn bobsleds poster pictured below. Simon gave it to me years ago as a birthday present, and I LOVE it. It’s an authentic Disneyland poster – it’s one of the ones they actually use to display in the park. It’s got such great vintage character and typography.
Jude’s room may also be my most favorite room in the whole house. When you walk in his room, to the right is a fantastic little play nook. This is where the rocking chair is, as well as his bookshelves and toys. I just love it. I wish I lived in there! It’s a kid’s dream come true really.
This is the main part of his room, with a great view of the backyard. I’m telling you, we’re living in paradise here. It is fantastic. Otherwise, beige beige beige in this room. Zzzzzzzz.
I also finally hung up his book rack that I got while I was pregnant. It’s stuffed full of Little Golden Books and other faves.