8 Months

Happy 8 Months Old to Jude! Eight months ago today, you popped into the world! These days, you are a super-happy little man and you enjoy all kinds of activities. Rolling over and over and over is a big deal and Momma is having a harder time keeping up with you. Today you went for your first swim at your Grandmother and Grandaddy’s house. Momma and Daddy didn’t know how you’d react since you were pretty blase about the ocean and pool in Florida. However, it was with great glee that you began thrashing your arms and legs the instant you hit the water. We were so proud! Plus, you’re pretty cute in your giraffe-print swim trunks.

You’re so much fun and we love you so much. The joy you bring into our lives is unmatched. I can’t really remember what life was like before you. And now I can’t imagine life Jude-less. I love listening to your little coos and baby babble, and glancing at you in the rearview mirror when I’m driving. Your joy is inspiring and I love looking at life through your precious little blue eyes.

Jude the Dude
Jude w/ a ‘Tude (only rarely)
Ju Ju Bee
The Papoose (this makes you crack up big-time)
The Bean
The Man
Things you love:
Your daddy
Your bottle
Anything that can fit into your mouth (especially your hands)
Anything within grabbing distance
All of your rattles
Jumperoo & Johnny Jump-Up
The swing at the park
Being naked (sorry, but it’s true!)
Water & bathtime
Being tickled 
Things you don’t love so much:
Green vegetables
Being put into your carseat
Sippy cup
Happy eight months, my son! Daddy and I love you.