Rainy Day DIY

I am a huge fan of The Macbeth Collection. I saw them a few months ago, maybe in InStyle or some other magazine, and I was instantly drawn to all of their fun patterns and plethora of choices. Everything from buckets to clipboards to caddies — all of it covered in cute patterns, personalized however you prefer. However, I was definitely sticker-shocked. Somehow I can’t bring myself to shell out $50 for a bucket, no matter how fun the paisley pattern is.

This is where my DIY side kicks in. I can hear my husband now: “You could totally make that.” So, when my sister gifted a couple of silver buckets to me from my brother’s 40th Fiesta, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Today, when Jude and I ran out to Target for a couple of necessities, I picked up some cool wrapping paper. I kid you not, this project only took me 10 minutes to finish.  Please note: if you are at all inclined to perfection, this may not be the DIY project for you. The paper will not lay perfectly flat on the bucket. The imperfection is what gives it charm. 🙂

Supplies needed:
– paper of your choice ( i used thin wrapping paper)
– bucket
– xacto knife
– scissors
– modge podge
– spray mount
– pencil
1. Cut out paper in shape of bucket. Note: If you are using a horizontal stripe pattern, it will probably be curved instead of perfectly straight, due to the roundness of the bucket. Just a heads-up if you are AR like I am, because that would totally bug me. 

2. Apply spray mount (or modge podge) to bucket. 

3. Wrap bucket in paper. You will have excess on the top and bottom.

4. Use xacto knife to trim the excess, under the lip of the bucket, and at the bottom trim.

5. I would recommend sealing the exterior of the paper with modge podge. As I have none, I did not do this step, but it’s a good idea. Whatever you do, don’t use the spray mount on the outside! Eww!

So, voila – there you have it, a brand new cute toy bin for Jude in our living room.