Lotsa Ladies

Late last week, I received an email from one of the girls in our lifegroup at church about a special event at the Myriad Botanical Gardens/Crystal Bridge in downtown Oklahoma City. Every year, they host Bug Out, described on their website here:

Help the Crystal Bridge take a bite out of its pesky pest population with this annual ladybug release, part of our Integrated Pest Management Program. Thousands of these polka-dotted hungry helpers will chow down on pests that are bugging our plants. Great for the entire family and an excellent educational opportunity! Crafts, games and other bug-related activities are part of the fun. The release kicks off at 9:30 a.m. and ladybugs are only available while they last. Regular admission rates apply.

How fun does that sound? And who doesn’t love ladybugs? So at 9:30 this morning, Jude and I, along with some of our lifegroup friends, and a whole bunch of other kids and their keepers, converged on the Crystal Bridge. Even Jude got some ladybugs to pass out. 

Jude rode in the Baby Bjorn, and was totally delighted. He was kicking his feet and waving his arms. Lovin’ it. He was all about watching all the other kids who were running around like nuts. And when we went to look at the snakes and various frogs, was he looking at them? No – he was checking out the other kids. 

Here’s our cup of ladybugs. Unfortunately, some had already, um, well, died. One of them found a home on Jude. He thought it was pretty neat when they were crawling all over my hand as I tried to get them out of that tiny cup. And I kid you not, there were ladybugs crawling up my jeans. I’ve felt creepy crawly all day long.

Apparently a bunch of kids all converged on this one leaf with their ladybugs. One girl in particular was boo-hooing because she had to let her ladybugs go. Sad.

We were there for probably an hour, and then it was time to go. It is soooo humid and sticky in there. I guess it has to be for all those beautiful plants to thrive year-round. By the time we left, I was red-faced and thoroughly sweaty. Toting around a near-15 pound baby in the humidity left me needing a big iced tea and some A/C blasting in the car. Jude sacked out the minute I put him in his carseat.