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Rompers for women who don’t want to feel like a Playboy bunny

Internet, in the same vein as Shorts for Girls Who Don’t Wear Shorts, allow me to tell you a tale of what my husband likes to call Man Repeller Outfits™. These are what can generally be categorized amongst women as She Looks So Cute!  but are frequently trends that make men scratch their heads. The romper/jumpsuit/overalls always
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5 ways to create summer magic outdoors (+ a Hedgehouse giveaway!)

I believe in summer magic – that somewhat undefinable feeling you get, maybe especially when you’re a kid, of warm evenings, swimming in the pool, fireflies, late bedtimes, and general summer loveliness. It’s no schedules, no homework, no rush rush rush like the rest of the year, long hours of sunlight and loads of empty hours.
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Summer Bookshelf: What Are You Reading?

I’m hunting new books to read poolside this summer (let’s all take a minute and have a hearty laugh about that. Go ahead. I’ll wait) or in reality, during naptime or after the kids have gone to bed. Because there is no poolside reading with a toddler in tow, amiright? On the way to the
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A Clean Start for Summer

With one week left of school, summer is in my sightline. I’m ready for sleeping in, cartoons in the big bed, and snuggling after late-night swims. No more carpool! No more rush rush rush to get out the door! The baby is still sleeping in our room and I’m hopeful that once we get past
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