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Running away to Carlton Landing

I thought it might be good to run away to Carlton Landing with my extended family so we could have some scheduled downtime together. Dad had only seen Carlton Landing once before on a daytrip when Archer was a newborn but this was time for a real actual getaway; he hadn’t been out of town in seven
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Christmas 2016 Recap

Christmas is already quickly receding into the rearview mirror and I wanted to get this up so I could remember a few things. Several friends have asked about Mom and how she’s doing. I can honestly say this was one of the best Christmas seasons we’ve had in years – she’s been off pain medications
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Hudson Bay Point blanket - Navy blue bedroom at Carlton Landing - lake house master bedroom -

Master Bedroom Update @ the Lake

Happy New Year to all of you! I’m excited for 2017 and refreshed from a lovely Christmas break. I’m really convinced that Christmas break is the best thing ever. Plenty of sleeping in, cozying up with family, celebrating Jesus’ birthday, and then the fun of New Year’s. And then all those kids go BACK TO SCHOOL!
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POPS Nichols Hills photoshoot with my entire family celebrating my parents' 59 years of marriage - colorful & happy -

A colorful family photo shoot at Pops

It was July when Dad and I sat in the colorful and happy interior of the Pops diner in Nichols Hills Plaza for a lunch with the boys. For those of you not in Oklahoma City, Pops originally is out on Route 66 as the coolest, most colorful gas station/diner you ever did see, complete with a
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