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Styled: Multicolored Velvet Pumpkins

Imagine me, in full Oprah voice, “It’s PUMPKIIIIIIIN TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!” Opening up my box of velvet pumpkins from last year was maybe better than pulling out the Christmas decorations. I find the color combinations endlessly fascinating. I’m especially intrigued by the role the neutral tones play. They’re necessary, you know? There has to be some break
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Halloween 2016 & Other Happenings

Internet, when your kid goes to the book fair at school, does he/she beg you for everything BUT the books? This week was Grandparents’ Day, which I’m convinced is careful planning on the school’s part to have an event where the kids drag the grandparents in and get them to buy stuff. #brilliant But! This
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Creative ways to decorate with pumpkins. These baby pumpkins were all dressed up in their fanciest duds as miniature flower vases at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City -

5 creative ideas for Halloween decorations

As much as I love Halloween for the dress-up and candy, I’m always on the lookout for fun, kid-friendly and creative ways to decorate for fall. Pumpkins, gourds, jack-o-lanterns — I love them all! But I’m all about pushing it to the next level of clever and cheeky. With my youngest only 20 months, I’m more
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Copper foiled pumpkins - DIY - pumpkin crafts - decorating with pumpkins - warm metallics - fall color trends -

Copper Pumpkins: A semi-successful DIY

Fall is here and I’m all about a great pumpkin decorating DIY. My plan for the next few weeks is to show some fun and creative pumpkin decorating ideas until Halloween. First up – copper is huge for fall this year and I had this vision of matte, chalky pumpkins with speckles of copper leaf in
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