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Hard stuff.

When the phone rings at 4am, it’s never good news. I opened one eye early Friday morning and realized that not only had my phone been buzzing but I’d missed numerous texts from my sister. I stumbled out of bed into the living room and called her immediately. “You need to come to the hospital
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2017-01-06 15.14.58-2

Archer Turns 2

Archer turned 2 on Thursday and naturally I was a wonky ball of emotion. So many feels as I survey the road behind us that got us here. Specifically I thought about all the people who’ve had a part in getting us here. I thought about the doctors at Mayo Clinic seven years ago who
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2017-01-07 18.42.46

I joined weight watchers. Gahhh

I’m hesitant to say any of this out loud or post about it because what’s more cliche than weight loss in January? But I figured talking about it was a good step, so here we are. It’s been two years  since the baby was born and the baby weight situation has now turned into just,
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New Years getaway in Carlton Landing =

Shingletons don’t do dirt.

Last week we were chatting with Simon’s mom about granite countertops. She’s planning on updating their kitchen or maybe their master bathroom and Internet, it could be such a great makeover.  Anyway, we were sitting there and talking about what color she might get and Simon was all “Nope. Do NOT get the black granite.
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