Archer’s First Haircut


This week in our house, I finally gave in to the pressure to cut Archer’s hair. The tipping point was when I was in the checkout lane at Trader Joe’s and the TJ employees were all “She’s so precious.”

And Internet, I was so tired at that point I was like, “Yup. She sure is!”




So on Monday, fresh out of the shower I sat him on the counter and carefully snip-snip-snipped just to clean it up a bit and I may or may not have sniffled a bit at the tiny ball of cut curls laying on the countertop. And because I’m a weirdo, I swept them into a ziploc baggie to put in his baby book (which Jude found on the counter later and was all “EWWWW WHAT IS THIS.”

Because motherhood? It makes you do weird stuff like this.