Summer Snapshots

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We’re in the final stretch before school starts in three weeks and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only mom feeling like it’s never going to get here. I’m ready in some ways and yet in others, I’m not ready to be locked back into the 8:30-3pm rut of the schoolyear. There’s pros and cons to both, I suppose. I’ve viewed this summer period in particular to be remarkably restorative, mentally and physically. Archer has been sleeping consistently all night long for over a month now, which means I’m also catching up on 2 years of sleep deprivation. I’m napping in the afternoon when I need to and trying to take it easy on myself. So while it will be nice to be back in the regular routine of school, I won’t miss lazy afternoons.


We’re coming up on our 11th anniversary at the end of the month. I’ve been hunting around for awhile for an anniversary present for S, and I love perusing those lists of “traditional vs. modern” gifts. Sure, they’re all made up by Hallmark or whoever, but it’s kind of nice to have some ideas! For the 11th anniversary, steel is the traditional gift while fashion jewelry is the modern version. What do you do for anniversaries? How creative do you typically get?


Simon’s been hounding me to schedule a family vacation and I’ve been dragging my feet, big time. It’s the baby, frankly — the thought of being stuck on an airplane with that wriggling bundle of adorableness and mischief feels … well, not like a vacation. It’s a TRIP.  My mother in law is graciously going to keep Archer for us while we dash away with Jude to San Francisco for a big kid getaway. I am SO EXCITED to take him to SF. I have so many great and magical memories of exploring that city with my parents when I was his age. There’s something about cable cars, chilly weather, fog, and sourdough bread bowls in the middle of summer that is oh-so-delightful.



Dash & Albert indoor outdoor rug - Southern style front porch swing daybed - colorful porch - - @psstudio -

Last week while Simon went to Austin, I took the boys to the lake. On Wednesday, two of my best friends brought their kids down and we all holed up in the house together. Three moms, six kids and one chihuahua made for a ton of fun. We swam, ate every 10 minutes, went paddle boarding, explored the Boy Howdy in Eufaula where we bought crap for $1 (including the most fabulously hilarious dream catcher for our husbands’ cars), ate tons of ice cream, brownies and cookies, and laughed until we cried. Finding your #momsquad sounds so cliche, but man, it is true. These are the women I can lay it all bare with — no judgment, just understanding and good advice. And not a bad kid in the bunch. We all look like sweaty hooligans here and I LOVE it.



Before the summer ends, my goal is to clean out the laundry room and get rid of all of Jude’s clothes that don’t fit anymore. And that’s about all I think I’ll be able to accomplish. But oh well – the days are long and the years are short. I’m trying to let go of the stuff that really doesn’t matter.  And of course, we must also eat more snow cones, go swimming some more, and do a last-ditch trip to the lake somewhere in there too.

Happy Monday, friends —


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