5 Things This Weekend

Well. We are resurfacing from what can only be described as Barfageddon. Oh! And it was also my 35th birthday which is code for AWESOMEST BIRTHDAY EVER (um, NO). Here’s the cake Simon had made for me:

Funny birthday cake -

So awesome, right? We’re going to California next week to drive up Hwy 1 to the Hearst Mansion. So yes, my birthday blew (erm, literally), but it’s going to be hopefully improved by a kid-free getaway next week.

Truth be told, all that stress and craziness had been building for awhile. It just happened to cap off with the stomach flu! April was a lesson in the dangers of overscheduling: Simon traveled one weekend, then I went to High Point, and then the weekend after that was the home tour (which is code for SO MUCH STRESS AND SNARLING AT EACH OTHER). It was just too much, you know? So then Archer started barfing, and then Simon and I had a  blow up over kid responsibilities and care-taking, and then none of us were getting very much sleep. It’s a recipe for disaster, you know?

Deep breath.

So I’m trying to take it easy. Grace grace grace. Grace for myself, grace for my people. I put in a call to my therapist for a mental health tune-up. I’m focusing on less caffeine and less over-scheduling. I’m breathing deep through my anxiety.

It’s so hard to say no to stuff, especially when none of the things coming your way are bad. And the rest of May seems like it’s going to be just as crazy as April with some travel and a few other big things right at the end of the schoolyear. I’m going to say no to as much as I can between then and now. And try to go to bed earlier than ever.

Five things this Mother’s Day weekend:


Signs you’re a horrible traveler. I particularly liked the advice from the hotels.


In the past year leading up to turning 35, I’m noticing subtle aging signs. Like the dreaded “old lady hands“. I don’t know, maybe it’s just dry winter skin, but I’m obsessing about covering myself in sunscreen and moisturizer. I bought some of this Darphin body oil on the recommendation from a friend, and I’m obsessed. A little goes a long way and my hands look way less crone-like.


Cutest thing EVER.


I watched A Royal Night Out the on our Apple TV and I loved it. Totally worth a watch.


It’s been almost a week and I’m still worried about Beyonce’s Met Gala dress (THE SWEATING!!!). apparently I wasn’t the only one. But whatevs – she’s Queen Bey and can do what she wants!